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Diaper Covers - Snaps
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Features of BubuBibi Diaper Covers:

  • One Size - Fits newborns all the way to toddlers, allowing parents to save money instead of having to get different sizes of diaper covers as baby grows.

  • Waterproof - Comes with soft PUL to ensure waterproof and to avoid leakage and keep wetness contained.

  • Front pocket - Comes with front pocket to ensure that diaper insert stays.

  • Adjustability - Comes with a lot of snaps on the waist to allow diaper to fit perfectly and the right size for all babies.

  • Back and Side Gusset - Allow flexibility of all sizes babies with the side and back gusset.

  • Side lining - Includes a side lining all around to help cover withstand rough wear and tear.

Available Colors:

10 Beautiful Solid Colors to Choose or 9 Printed PUL Colors


or 5 Beautiful Solid Minky Colors & 5 Printed Minky Colors

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