Welcome to BubuBibi.  We offer bamboo baby products and are proud to share with you our new Bamboo Baby Cloth Diaper.  Our cloth diapers are made out of rayon from bamboo fibers and are extremely soft.  Besides the Bamboo Baby Cloth Diapers, we also carry Bamboo Baby Wipes, Bamboo Diaper Liners, Viscose Diaper Liners, Mama's Cloth, etc  Once you've tried our bamboo products, you will be impressed and love the softness of the product.

We have added many new product lines on top of cloth diapers.  We now offer Tutus, costumes, costumes accessories.  We also do offer WHOLESALE and DROP SHIPPING to customers who are interested.  Please contact us at info@bububibi.com for more information.  


Besides that, we would like to reward our customers by providing FREE GIFTS*!!!

  • Over $30.00   - FREE Leggings or Small Wet Bag
  • Over $50.00   - FREE Large Wetbag
  • Over $80.00   - FREE Large Wet/ Dry Bag
  • Over $100.00 - FREE Original Solid Diaper
  • Over $125.00 - FREE Cloth Diaper Detergent (Rockin Green)
    Please email me when order is placed if you would like a specific design or a substitute.

*Gifts maybe exchanged to same or lower value but not to apply as discount.


Some of my buyers have requested that I state this on our website so that new buyers are aware.  I was blessed with a baby boy April 2012 but unfortunately, our baby boy is a special need baby and spent the first 5 months of his life in the NICU.  We were able to bring him home on a life support.  He is healthy most of the times but there are times, he is not well and when that happens, I will respond slower and shipping may take longer and please do not think that we are ignoring your emails nor delaying shipments.  Thank you very much for your kind understanding.  We are very lucky and happy to have Laynson in our lifes and we will cherish the moments we have with him.  Thank you!